Developing a marketing strategy is a process to allow a company or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and thereby achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Once we have developed this competitive advantage we are then happy to help you execute this strategy, because customers may be aware of your business but may not be aware of your competitive advantage. This is the key to successful marketing, then it is how we tell the story, which is the tactical advice we give our clients.

The strategy must be seen in the context of the company goals & objectives and whilst these are specific, the strategy is a vision of how the objectives are to be achieved.

Business Goal:

Increase sales revenue by 25% by the End of the Year

Business Objectives

Increase Awareness of our Target Audience through advertising, public relations and promotional activity by 25%.

Increase new client’s sales leads and orders by 25 % leading to a gross margin of 32% and increased profitability.

Increase Repeat Purchases by 10% compared with last year with existing customers.

Marketing  Strategy:

1. To target large pharma and multinationals with a quality service.

2. Ensure sales team are targeting correct accounts, high volume repeat opportunities.

3. Increase Repeat Purchases from Existing Customers to 350k by year end

4. Increase new orders by 250k with same profile as existing customers by year end.


1.      Plan trade event in September with key account invitee.

2.      Develop newsletter quarterly for all existing customers.

3.      Target 20 new accounts to our existing 50 and organise sales plan re same.

4.       Run Online Banner Advertising on XYZ sites targeted at target audience in the evenings

5.      Get referrals and testimonials from existing customer base.

6.      Ensure website URL is featured in all print adverts

7.      Develop a Public Relations plan for new employees and major contracts...

8.      Start 10+ conversations per day with Target Audience  on Twitter

9.      Share video blog posts to people on Twitter (monitoring for people asking Qs and responding).

The Marketing Plan.

The marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in its target market There are 4P’s ( product , price , place ,promotion ) but now people talk about the 7p’s which include the the 4p’s with people , process and physical added for many clients in the service sector.

The marketing plan needs to be written and needs to outline whenthe activity is going is planned to happen along with costs and budgets .This ensure all activity is pre-planned and executed on time within budget.

How do we do this?

We are professional  at the execution of your strategy with expert set of skills of strategic thinking, creativity and resourcefulness through the use of marketing and sales, PR, social media, and project management to increase customer satisfaction which drives sales and profitability.

We begin with a creative idea that stretches the imagination and project manages this process to flawless execution from start to finish.

Our Approach

We begin by understanding your brand, its values and how we can bring extra magic to excite your target audience and potential customers.

Your business will benefit, as Brandmagic provide an end result that creates continual growth exercising every potential your business has to offer.  These benefits include

o   An increase in profitability as your business is a more customer focused firm. Knowledge of your customers gives your business a competitive advantage in the marketing world.

o   A clear market plan to achieve agreed objectives and goals within a realistic budget.

o   An increase in sales forces effectiveness as there is a greater conversion and this leads to a greater amount of sales.

o   Improved teamwork as Brand Magic works across all functions of your business to achieve all aspects of your objectives, increasing communication and contribution.

o   TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More- this can be shown by reporting, which is an essential aspect of continual growth for a successful business

o   Market activity is also increased as our aim is to reduce waste and to increase sales marketing and sales effectiveness, leading to greater consumer satisfaction.